There are a few things you’re going to need to consider before reserving a website design, and we can help you out with a lot of these things along the way:

  1. Do you have a web hosting provider and domain registered for your site? We recommend SiteGround because they are ah-may-zing.
  2. Are you prepared to write your website copy?
  3. Do you have a gorgeous hi-resolution headshot?
  4. Do you have your hi-resolution book covers (front and back and spine)? All of them?
  5. Do you need to put together your media kit?
  6. Are your free chapter samples polished?
  7. Do you have an existing blog that needs to be transferred to your new home?
  8. Have you filled out our author brand questionnaire?
  9. Have you looked at your competition and analyzed what they’re up to with their marketing?
  10. Do you need a cookie? What about a logo?
  11. Are your social media platforms up to snuff? Do you want matching graphics for everything?
  12. Do you need advertising graphics for any super secret upcoming projects?
  13. Are you intimidated yet? Don’t be afraid. You’ve got this and we’ve got your back.
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