Full pricing for a Tailor-Made website includes the pre-built wireframes and website structure, the WordPress integration, and the Visual Design time. In each site design, we always prepare SEO-ready formats, optimize your images, and provide responsive design for mobile and tablet.

The following items are NOT included in the total cost: copywriting, additional downloadable item design (i.e. PDFs of media kits and author biographies, as these are supplemental items that must be provided by the client), photography, newsletter design, blog post development, social media graphics. All of the aforementioned, with the exception of website copywriting, can be added as an add-on to your design time for a nominal fee. Do about it when filling out your quote, because oftentimes we can discount the costs of supplemental add-ons that fit within the scope of the brand when we’ve already built the resources for your site. (We’re practical like that.)

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