[Montreal, Quebec, August 2018] We are pleased to announce that after a month-long, gruelling application process and much summoning, ritual, and magic, Noisy Ghost Co. is available for hire through the Reedsy platform!

Reedsy provides writers and authors with a forum to hire creative professionals with a variety of different specializations to best help them in their book marketing endeavours — be that book cover design or their website marketing for their book launch.

Offering services in web design for authors, as well as branding and author platform development, you can view our profile and our work samples here, or see our profile on the site below.

Noisy Ghost available for hire on Reedsy

Hi! I’m Kira — a web and graphic designer with nineteen years’ raw-knuckle industry experience, with a background in user experience (UX) design and brand management. I’ve worked for companies like Lightspeed, Airbnb, and fashion mogul, Dynamite — but my passion is helping authors tell their story through their websites and book marketing.

I work with people who want to aggressively represent the genre they write, who like to scrutinize the details, and who want to present their author platform a little bit differently in an over-saturated market. I believe that every website is like a book: it ought to tell your story. I can help with that.

My experience providing design solutions to a variety of clients balances technical proficiency, accountability, creative process, and a desire to establish resonant products in print and on the web. An aggressive creative professional with uncompromising standards for execution, I am committed to producing work that is beautiful, user-friendly, and competitive with the competition. I am in love with narrative design structure, which is why I adore working with authors, and it goes without saying that I am a voracious reader too.

For clients that are in creative professions, I provide a unique design service for the WordPress platform that best marries my knowledge of branding, visual design, marketing savvy, and user experience to facilitate conversion — i.e. helping you sell more books.

I like to work with writers of genre fiction, given that I am a writer myself and have spent extensive time figuring out the best approaches to building an author website that can help you grow your platform. I have an affinity for the “weirdos” (mostly because I am one myself): horror writers, authors of dark fantasy, grimdark, urban fantasy, magical reality, YA and MG authors, and debuts — let’s chat about your worlds and how to best turn them into something tangible that your fans can discover.

I am, of course, well-versed in the visual language of these genres, and I’m happy to benchmark against your competition to see how we might better crush them. (I’m just kidding: I just want to ensure that you present better than they do. “Competition Crushing” is only available by special request.)

Hire Noisy Ghost Co. through Reedsy as of August 2018.

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