The Witch of Laurel Wood

Brand designed around the concept of rebirth, magic, and mystery, that embraces its pagan roots. Inspired by the hermetic aphorism, "As above, so below."

Noisy Ghost Co. Brand

Noisy Ghost Co. is a macabre but affectionate brand. It’s sugar skulls and ice cream, coffins and candy: a red sock accidentally mixed in with the laundry, turning its emblematic [...]

Tooth & Bone

The Tooth & Bone brand is as much an assembly of items as the collection of oddities the blog houses. It recalls the practices of collection and display from the Enlightenment, largely because [...]


When Kathy Flynn approached me to produce a logo for her metaphysical school and store, offering workshops and classes for people interested in new age spirituality, we opted to play with the [...]

Kira Butler Author Brand

The brand mark for horror writer, Kira Butler, incorporates a vintage 1920 Corona typewriter and baby batwings into the logo's design: blending her love of writing historically-rooted fiction and [...]

Ghosts & Co.

An unusual approach to design warrants an unusual logo. The brand mark for Ghosts & Co. is a jackalope — a cryptid that has a particular personality. We christened him “Truffles.” Not just an [...]

Noisy Ghost Books

The Noisy Ghost Books brand mark blends a love of reading (and a favourite place to do it -- an antique armchair) as well as a subtle reference to poltergeist activity. Small shadows beneath the [...]

The Midnight Society

The Midnight Society is an online magazine publishing articles that cater to writers in the middle grade and young adult horror and dark fiction genres. Inspired by Are you Afraid of the Dark?, [...]

Noir by Brady

The brand design for Noir by Brady needed to fit a few requirements: the typography needed to be contemporary and clean, it needed to be bold enough to work on either a light or dark background, [...]

Villainess Soaps Brand

The Villainess Soaps brand seeks to “redefine bad” -- it's a rose with thorns, beautiful but sharp. We designed with nod to the drama and romanticism of the Victorian era: flourishes, rich jewel [...]

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