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We’re really big on DIY here at Noisy Ghost — if we can help you make better design decisions that will enable you to sell more books, we’re happy to help. The Noisy Ghost Blog offers training, tutorials, suggestions, tips, and anecdotes to help authors and writers extend their brand and marketing.

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Good design solves problems in innovative ways. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a preoccupation with hidden things: ideas that stand apart from the everyday. Sometimes, that leads my investigation to places others won’t readily consider — often under the bed and into dark closets.

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We know that marketing a book is much less fun than writing a book, but we’re here to help you plan better websites, avoid big pitfalls that will end up costing you sales, and make your author marketing processes more efficient, productive, and less sucky. Noisy Ghost is your silent houseguest for your biggest design endeavours — we’re here to help you out when things get a little hairy.

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Sometimes we do big things that warrant big press releases. Our official launches, events, contests, giveaways, and sales are announced here first.

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