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If you're just starting out, there's no need to fear! We’re dedicated to helping you make the most out of your author platform, helping you to DIY your author branding, and making you look good.
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The Noisy Ghost Co. Mission

we help authors tell their story through their websites and book marketing

We believe that every website is like a book: it ought to tell your story. We can help with that — but we do not stop there: Noisy Ghost offers a complete design service dedicated to authors who want to present their platform a little bit differently in an over-saturated market. We coach, we mentor along the way, and we help you make the best of your new home on the web.

Ready-Made Designs
Ready-Made Designs

ready-made, one-of-a-kind

When it comes to our ready-made website designs, we never bring back the dead. Our pieces are one-of-a-kind and ready to implement on your WordPress site. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Tailor-Made Designs
Tailor-Made Designs

design packages
with spirit

Start with a solid user experience: choose a Noisy Ghost-designed "skeleton" website, and you and I work together to add the meat — a haunting visual design and style.

Totally Bespoke Designs
Bespoke Design Services

custom design

Everyone’s needs are different and we can tailor a quote for you based on your specific requirements for design work. Bespoke designs can be as simple or extensive as you like.

How We Can Help Further Your Creative Ambitions

we design all the things!

Our service offering is pretty well-rounded: beyond website design, we help authors, small businesses, and other creative professionals with their graphic design projects, the visual design for their web and mobile products, their branding and identity development, and their user experience to improve conversion and performance.

But for real, the web is the cornerstone of what we love to do

we design haunting, resonant, user-friendly websites for authors

We make beautiful, user-centric WordPress websites designed to sell more books, boost author awareness, and grow with you when your book makes the NYT Bestseller list. We also offer cost-effective options that won’t eat up your entire advance if you’re just starting out.

User Experience
User Interfaces
App Design
Web Design
Mobile Design
Responsive Design
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Visual Design
Brand Design
Identity Development
About Our Design Services... and Vampires

we're really well-rounded

For many years, I behaved exactly like a vampire would: sinking my teeth into some new aspect of design and drinking it dry. It’s a career in which you get weirdly ravenous if you stop taking big bites, and taking big bites are how I went from print to web to product design: It’s why I can say I brought my own crushed velvet to the party when someone asks me to wear multiple capes.

How we Work Together to Achieve Supernatural Results

the design process shouldn't be scary

It doesn’t matter how large or how small the job is: we follow a formula to getting work done that ensures the end product makes our clients happy and meets their objectives. Our approach is collaborative, accessible, and we’re happy to guide our clients along the way to ensure the best possible results.

The Proof is in the Portfolio

good design, peculiar problem solving

At Noisy Ghost, we illuminate hidden things in our designs: creating ideas that stand apart from the everyday. Sometimes, that leads our exploration to places others won’t readily consider.

years in school
years in industry
years freelancing
cups of coffee
  • In the span of six months, Kira materialized a relatively abstract list of requirement into UX mock-ups (including interactive prototypes). Each time, her part of the work was conducted faster than our product management ideation (and we're no slouch either). Her design decisions were clearly explained to our development team and helped guide their work. Pragmatic, straight to the point and right on the money - I'd work with her again anytime!

    Jean-Francois Yelle Product Director at Wirkn
  • As an interactive publishing company, Ackerly Green often has some pretty out there graphic and illustrative demands. We might need designs for fantasy book-related merchandise one week, and the haunting sigil of a secret society the next. No matter what we need, Noisy Ghost  has met every challenge we throw at her with out of the box ideas, stellar communication, and perfect final products that we’re always proud to show off. Her years of experience and razor sharp creative eye make for a killer combination.

    CJ Bernstein Ackerly Green Publishing
  • Kira, you killed it! Honestly, I came to you without a brand, a plan, or any clue of how to put them together into a functional website. However, by the time we finished I had all of those, and more importantly, the confidence to unveil my amazing, beautiful, and compelling site to the world. Thank you for making ‘Tales of Weird Florida’ far more than I ever imagined it could be. You will always have a grateful fan in the “Strange Shine State!”

    Martin Shannon Urban Fantasy Author
  • Kira is an extremely talented, detailed-oriented designer who has contributed greatly to Lightspeed's branding and communications. Her specialization is in web but also has strong talent in writing and print design. Dedicated, insightful and hard-working, Kira has been a very welcome addition to our creative team.

    Dax Dasilva CEO Lightspeed
  • As a design client, I have been thrilled to work with someone who can translate my vague ideas into a viable format, but I have been even more impressed by Kira's professionalism. From the initial project contract and timeline, to the detailed invoices and realistic deadlines, I always know exactly where we stand in terms of project completion - an invaluable assurance. Working with someone this reliable and talented has been a pleasure I hope to repeat.

    Brooke Stant Villainess Soaps
  • Her understanding of the project at hand, her eye for design and thorough understanding of the content that she worked with as well as her respect for critical timelines were magical attributes that brought not only products to help the community clients of the CRC but identifiable professional marketing tools. Kira's contribution to the CRC operation was key in raising our visibility. I would not hesitate to include Kira as a member of my team again, if the opportunity would be presented!

    Ann Davidson West Island Community Resource Centre
  • Kira is very systematic in her approach to design. In my experience, she is the designer that managed to make her art the most objective -- by that I mean that all of her choice are reasoned and justified and don't come under the umbrella of simple taste. Hard working and serious, Kira is also fun [and] got along very well with her colleagues. Finally, she doubles her UI/UX skills with that of an independent writer. This is simply further proof of how hard-working, disciplined and dedicated Kira can be. Not to mention creative. I would work with Kira again in a heartbeat.

    David Teman Senior Director, Digital Experience at Luxury Retreats
  • Kira is the total package. She has an excellent work methodology, is data-driven and understands the business vision which she translates flawlessly in great user experience. She is also a great UI designer that understands her audience. She has great rationale and can easily explain her design decisions. On top of it all she has the most charming personality! I recommend her 100%.

    Pascale Sarault Senior Manager, Digital Products Group Dynamite
  • Kira Butler far exceeded my expectations on many levels. She is an amazingly talented web designer who knows how to execute her vision from beginning to end, as well as interpret my own into a design that can work. And what also impresses me is the way she conducts herself with such a high level of professionalism and integrity. I have hired her for other projects besides my web site design, and would not hesitate to do so again, I also recommend her every chance I get to others in need of similar services.

    Lisa Farrell MoonaLisa
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