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User Experience Design for Fashion Website Cart & Checkout

Dynamite eCommerce Checkout

The Problem to Solve

simplifying the checkout experience

The goal of this design solution was to reduce friction and accordingly, user drop-off before completion. We reduced the number of steps required for a user to complete the checkout process while still supporting best practices for login and guest checkout, added smart completion and pre-population of address fields by leveraging the Google API, and included a simplified ship-to-store feature. We also included a share cart feature to improve conversion in mobile users after finding that mobile’s conversion was drastically lower than that of desktop.

The Screen Shots

four steps to completion

The process to achieve the final product design required an assessment of existing problems, identifying areas of improvement through user interviews, discussing the approach and possible solutions, wireframing a high-level solution, prototyping, testing, a visual design, and asset organization for the development team.

User Research
Visual Design
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