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User Experience Design for Mobile Fashion Website

Dynamite Outfitting

The Problem to Solve

exploring additional opportunities for upsells

We wanted to offer customers the opportunity to shop for components of a featured outfit while browsing products they were already interested in. The simplest solution was to include an in-product toggle with hot spots that could be turned on or off. A tap-through on a hot spot would allow for additional information to be displayed, and allow the user to add additional products to their cart without leaving the product screen.

The Process

shop the look

The process to achieve the final product design required an assessment of existing problems, identifying areas of improvement through user interviews, discussing the approach and possible solutions, wireframing a high-level solution, prototyping, testing, a visual design, and asset organization for the development team.

User Research



Visual Design



user flow

keep shopping easily

The user flow for the Dynamite Outfitting app add-on begins on the product detail page, wherein a user can select to enable hot spots on an outfit photo, select an add-on item, view the add-on product details, then add the item to their cart.

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