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Ghosts & Co.

about the brand design

not your ordinary bunny rabbit

An unusual approach to design warrants an unusual logo. The brand mark for Ghosts & Co. is a jackalope — a cryptid that has a particular personality. We christened him “Truffles.” Not just an ordinary bunny rabbit, the Ghost & Co. brand mascot has antlers.

The logo was presented in four variations to accommodate both digital and print formats for various design applications: with subtitling, without subtitling, stacked, and horizontal.

The color palette used on the website incorporated eerie colors as accents over greyscale, age-processed black and white photography. Green, sickly yellow, and purple dominate.

Photographic elements were aged and treated to give them grain, but the subject matter was often preoccupied with ephemera — books, photographs, art supplies, and other sundries.

logo variations
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