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Young Adult Author Website Design

Kelly Creagh

The Design Strategy

inspired by edgar allen poe

The website for young adult author, Kelly Creagh, draws inspiration from works of Edgar Allen Poe. Her “Nevermore” trilogy of books embrace Poe’s lore wholeheartedly, and it was fitting that the fantasy world inspired the site. Rich purple and nightmare black enfold the notebook pages belonging to her character, Varen Nethers, whose research about Poe’s disappearance permeates each page.

Branding for the Kelly Creagh website and marketing materials was used primarily as a masthead for the site and promotional material. We elected to use a vintage-inspired, handwritten typeface and Victorian-inspired textures.

For the first launch event of the Nevermore series, we produced printed promotional flyers and bookamrsk featuring art for the series, with links back to her site. We used a local printer, so the end product was sent direct to Kelly.

Drawing inspiration from the cover graphics of the novels, the color palette uses pink and purple, and easter eggs were included throughout the site to add interest and encourage discovery when new visitors explore it.

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