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Graphic Design for a Holiday Party Invitation

Krampus Holiday Party

About the Design

a holiday party with a twist

In German folklore, Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure who often emerges around Christmastime and in the companionship of good old St. Nick. According to traditional narratives, Krampus punishes naughty children, stuffing them into his sack to eat them later. Saint Nick, by contrast, rewards the good kids with gifts. Since most Lightspeeders are really just naughty kids in grown-up disguises, we thought it’d be fun to play on this bit of folklore for our Holiday party.

White, red, and black were used for this edition of our Holiday Party Invitation. While bearing similarities to typical North American holiday colors, the Krampusnacht palette actually recalls the demon: red-faced and with a lolling black tongue.

The style and format of the invitation were similar to a formal holiday card: using a textured, heavyweight card stock printed recto-verso, details for the event appear on the back of the card, while the event branding displays the demon-like mascot for the event.

Typographic choices also play on the idea of “classic” holiday cards, but the package was slid into a black envelope before being deposited on employees’ desks before the party with the request to RSVP. “Naughty or nice” is a recurring theme for holiday parties.

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