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Graphic Design for an Event Pamphlet

LightSpeed Bootcamp Recruit Dossier

About the Event & Materials

graphic design for a training event

With an ever-growing and robust suite of tools for retailers and an expanding Reseller network, Lightspeed often hosts an annual training event to ensure that its channel partners are offered the best and most current insights on product updates. With an annual Certification Camp, Retail Summits, and Certification Road Shows happening regularly, Lightspeed Boot Camp offered new channel partners the opportunity to meet the team and dive into training head-first.

As with all Lightspeed events, users are usually invited to attend via email and are directed to a primary website where all event details, registration, accommodation information, as well as curriculum and extracurricular information is provided before they register.

The event’s website is the primary resource for attendees to get session information, event locations, area maps, dining, and recreation info. The website saw three major updates before the event occurred: for the primary announcement, when registration opened, and when the event sold out ahead of schedule.

We also offered a Mobile Guide on iPhone and iPad so that attendees could bring the schedule with them, providing session information, session locations, area maps, dining and extracurricular event info. In addition to that, daily news and helpful reminders were posted live on the main page.

Graphic Design Samples

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