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Loss Prevention Whitepaper

About the Whitepaper Design

a guide to stopping theft

A white paper designed to address loss prevention in retail stores, bars, and restaurants, addressing such concerns for retailers as the warning signs, employee and cash theft, bookkeeping and administrative errors, and customer theft. “Learn the best practices to keep your store’s money and goods safe.”

With three iterations for this white paper depending on the target user’s industry, we provided three variations of the initial design to accommodate tailored content for restaurant owners, bar owners, and retail shop owners.

The aesthetic and tone of the white paper are reminiscent of retro and vintage comic book strips, using bright colors and exaggerated facial expressions to convey a lighthearted approach to the serious subject matter.

The white paper numbers twenty-six pages, and focuses on the best practices with inline tips to improve a store’s chances of protecting themselves against theft without breaking the bank — a handy but concise guide.

Graphic Design Samples

page layouts from the white paper

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