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User Experience Design for a Visual Search Results Page

Luxury Retreats Product Category Page

About the User Experience

a successful test case

As a means of increasing service requests for concierge, we tested a scenario on our product category results page, wherein by placing a call to action and trust statement within the top 700px viewing area, we were able to improve conversions 60% over a month-long time span. The design was integrated permanently and adapted for desktop following successful results.

The Process

category page

The process to achieve the final product design required an assessment of existing problems, identifying areas of improvement through user interviews, discussing the approach and possible solutions, wireframing a high-level solution, prototyping, testing, a visual design, and asset organization for the development team.

User Research



Visual Design



user flow

for immediate results

To combat choice paralysis when search results exceed hundreds, implementing an early call to action for users who want immediate assistance proved advantageous. A direct line to the concierge was offered immediately on the search results page, which allowed for outreach and response based on their search data.

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