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About the Website Design

an all-in-one solution

MyLightspeed Product Dashboard design lets users see the status of their point of sale uptime status, support tickets, and license renewals at a glance — an overview of their relationship with their software in one location.

News and notices from Lightspeed regarding server uptime, required software upgrades, upcoming scheduled maintenance are displayed first, with more critical issues intended to be displayed as a not-to-be-missed alert. Communications would be sent initially via email.

Users using the Lightspeed point of sale could maintain multiple seats for their software licenses, depending on the number of store locations a user might own: easy access to all licenses owned by one user are displayed, regardless of the type of POS — web, restaurant, or retail.

Should a user be engaging with the support team, visual tracking of tickets with status updates are available on the dashboard as an at-a-glance feature, so a user might better understand their priority assignment and how soon their issue will be tackled.

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