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Restaurant Whitepaper

About the Whitepaper Design

mobile point of sale for restaurants

9 Reasons Why Mobile Point of Sale is Better for Your Restaurant examines how your restaurant would benefit from a cloud-based, mobile point of sale system; from increased efficiency and a deeper understanding of your business. The whitepaper was served as a fifteen-page interactive PDF document for download, and was delivered with a website landing page, through email campaigns, and both social media and display advertising for promotion.

Whitepapers have become an excellent lead-generating tool for all kinds of companies. Using a sign-up form on a landing page to gather contact data about new customers, these documents are information-rich resources that can demonstrate thought leadership and offer crucial information about using a company’s products properly. At Lightspeed, each white paper is custom-designed for the content, and every one is a little work of art.

While we often elect to show a preview of the whitepaper’s content, the major point of visual interest is often the cover. It frequently appears as a thumbnail on the website alongside other resources, and on related advertising. It is the first impression a customer receives, and accordingly, an emphasis is placed on its presentation. In most cases, we develop a sub-brand for the design that integrates the primary Lightspeed brand.

Announcements for new resources are delivered via email and social media channels. We designed and built correspondence mailers for this purpose, with calls to action that direct interested parties to the landing page where they can download the whitepaper for free following a signup. Additionally, we promote new resources as a popup on our website, and through display advertising on other various websites and over social media.

Graphic Design Samples

page layouts from the white paper

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