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Christian Romantic Suspense Author Website Design

Stacy Angell Curtis

The Design Brief

web design for a romantic suspense author

The author website for Christian Romantic Suspense author, Stacy Angell Curtis, highlights her current book series and forthcoming third title, and was designed to grow with her product offering. As Stacy uses her newsletter as a primary means of communication with readers, we designed a matching newsletter to incentivize subscribers, and included a lead magnet on her site. 

Stacy’s website design process included a brief branding questionnaire to establish her likes and dislikes, the tone she wanted to convey with her author brand, and the promise to her readers. We wanted to echo her natural, warm personality in the visual design, but still maintain ties to the genre she writes.

Using a natural-feeling colour palette with darker elements, old photography recalling days of gaslight and mystery, and clean, clear typography lend a professional feel to this author website, and offers room for  future offerings as she adds upcoming titles to her catalogue. We also made sure that the site was responsive for mobile.

Finally, we designed a MailerLite automation campaign and newsletter for Stacy to communicate her her reader base with a matching branding, and took lengths to ensure that the new standards for validation and authentication would ensure delivery of her correspondences to its intended audience.

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