About the Noisy Ghost Brand

the spirit of design

The spirit of design that remains curious, inquisitive, and explorative never dies. The Noisy Ghost began as an intangible concept that wanted desperately to be real — to be believed in. It set up shop and announced its presence by knocking over the furniture and shoving things off the shelving until I started paying attention to the idea that would eventually possess me entirely.

The Flesh and Blood Behind the Ghost

a horror writer and a house that wanted to be haunted


Hi! I’m Kira — a senior user experience designer, with a background in web, graphic, and brand design. That spells out as nineteen years’ raw-knuckle experience working in both marketing and product development, and thirteen in the industry. I’ve worked for companies like Lightspeed, Airbnb, and fashion mogul, Dynamite — but my passion is helping authors tell their story through their websites and book marketing. 

I am committed to producing work that is beautiful, user-friendly, and competitive with the competition. I am in love with narrative design structure, which is why I adore working with authors, and it goes without saying that I am a voracious reader too… but I have something of a secret identity: I write horror and dark fantasy for young adults. Maybe that’s not so secret, given the theme of my company, but suffice to say that in off-hours I dabble in dark fiction.

As a fangirl, folklorist, and Fortean, a lot of my inspiration and influence comes from the fantastic, but I’ve always liked working with people who want to aggressively represent the genre they write, who like to scrutinize the details, and who want to present their author platform a little bit differently in an over-saturated market. 

I believe that every website is like a book: it ought to tell your story. I can help with that.

years in school
years in industry
years freelancing
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Scary Professional Expertise

we do more than just go bump in the night

My experience providing design solutions to a variety of clients balances technical proficiency, accountability, creative process, and a desire to establish resonant products in print and on the web. An aggressive creative professional with uncompromising standards for execution, I am committed to producing work that is beautiful, user-friendly, and competitive with the competition.

Visual, Verbal, and Written Communication 100%
Typography, Composition, and Narrative Hierarchy 95%
Visual Problem Solving and Design Thinking 90%
Project and Time Management 100%
Technology and Software 90%
Design Storytelling 85%
Creativity 100%
User Experience
User Interfaces
App Design
Web Design
Mobile Design
Responsive Design
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Visual Design
Brand Design
Identity Development
About Our Design Services... and Vampires

we can help you with all aspects of your design

For many years, I behaved exactly like a vampire would: sinking my teeth into some new aspect of design and drinking it dry. It's a career in which you get weirdly ravenous if you stop taking big bites, and taking big bites are how I went from print to web to product design: It's why I can say I brought my own crushed velvet to the party when someone asks me to wear multiple capes.

The Noisy Ghost Co. Portfolio

frighteningly good design

When you’ve worked in the design industry for thirteen years, you amass a scary amount of work. Presented here is the heart-beneath-the-floorboards of my design practice — the very best in user experience, web design, graphic design, brand design, and mobile design.

Ready-Made Designs
Ready-Made Designs

ready-made, one-of-a-kind

When it comes to our ready-made website designs, we never bring back the dead. Our pieces are one-of-a-kind and ready to implement on your WordPress site. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Tailor-Made Designs
Tailor-Made Designs

design packages
with spirit

Start with a solid user experience: choose a Noisy Ghost-designed "skeleton" website, and you and I work together to add the meat — a haunting visual design and style.

Totally Bespoke Designs
Bespoke Design Services

custom design

Everyone’s needs are different and we can tailor a quote for you based on your specific requirements for design work. Bespoke designs can be as simple or extensive as you like.

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