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Young Adult Author Website Design Halloween Edition

About the Website Design

a place to build my author platform is the heart of my author platform. Using the website to focus building market interest in my career as a horror and dark fantasy writer for young adults, it’s a portfolio of written work, a place to share news with fans of the genre, and a vehicle for generating interest in the topics I write about. It’s a strange and curious venue, where the fantastic is made possible. The Halloween Edition was released temporarily for the month of October, along with themed content. strives to marry technology and creative influence: it is situated as the website of a writer fascinated with horror, fantasy, taphology, and historical fiction, but also has room to grow into other fields of interest as they present themselves.

I wanted to include room for biographical information, future book releases, and offer a dedicated space for my blog. Through the process, I’ve learned to tailor my content to an ever-growing audience. 

The branding calls back ties to gothic and folk literary traditions as they influence my practice. The typewriter is my craft and my link to the past, and the tiny batwings represent the people I want to speak to (young horror fans.)

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