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Desktop Website Design for a Special Event

Lightspeed Reseller Road Show

About the Design

a special event taken to the road

The Lightspeed Reseller Road Show website was designed as a single-page, all-inclusive, one-stop for guests to the traveling event to register, obtain session information, and discover additional training materials. The Reseller Road Show was similar to the Boot Camp event, but on a much smaller scale.

Something notable to mention is that, as far as process goes, there are often many factors that contribute to building a brand and a webpage, regardless of how small: there are, of course, exceptions — as both the brand and the website for the Reseller Road Show were built in a day.

The brand design features a shape reminiscent of road signs, and a variation on the Lightspeed Cloud brand blue that was in use at the time. Typography was also derived from the Lightspeed mother brand. Materials were delivered digitally to users from the site and via email.

The Reseller Road Show website included signup and registration information for guests to the various events at the locations they were made available, the schedule for each day, and links to resources for participants attending the shows. Contact information was provided.

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