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User Experience Design for a Luxury Travel Mobile PDP

Luxury Retreats Mobile Product Detail Page

The Problem to Solve

accessibility and ease of user completion

The design revision for the Luxury Retreats mobile product detail page included solving several inherent design problems in the original design: the revision was to improve a user’s access to details, the design hierarchy of information, and ease of user completion when booking a villa individually or as a group.

The Process

product detail page

The process to achieve the final product design required an assessment of existing problems, identifying areas of improvement through user interviews, discussing the approach and possible solutions, wireframing a high-level solution, prototyping, testing, a visual design, and asset organization for the development team.

User Research



Visual Design



user flow

a luxury vacation rental webpage

The product detail page is often the second result when a user performs an organic search for a luxury destination when coupled with property rental keywords. It contains all the data necessary to complete a booking for a multi-night stay, similar to selecting a room at a hotel for a vacation.

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