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A Luxury Travel Website Redesign

Luxury Retreats W3 Mobile

Key Objectives for the Website Redesign

designing a luxury travel website

Our objectives for the W3 redesign of the Luxury Retreats website were to respect the existing user flows but bolster conversion by improving upon existing systems: ensure that users were able to either find properties in regions they were looking for easily, but also encourage discovery and exploration of other areas of the world that were similar, but they might have not yet considered.

The Process

mobile website

The process to achieve the final product design required an assessment of existing problems, identifying areas of improvement through user interviews, discussing the approach and possible solutions, wireframing a high-level solution, prototyping, testing, a visual design, and asset organization for the development team.

User Research



Visual Design



user flow

the complete user journey

A new user often enters the site through the homepage as direct traffic, or search results page if they have a particular destination in mind. In either scenario, they will either enter a search query and their travel details, or begin with a region they are interested in. Upon discovering a property that suits their needs, they can request a quote through the product detail page interface.

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