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Noisy Ghost Co. Brand

about the brand design

creepy but cute

Noisy Ghost Co. is a macabre but affectionate brand. It’s sugar skulls and ice cream, coffins and candy: a red sock accidentally mixed in with the laundry, turning its emblematic death-shroud-sheet… pink. It is the spirit of design that remains curious, inquisitive, and explorative… and occasionally levitates the furniture to get your attention.

Noisy Ghost Co.’s mascot goes by “Bedlam.” He’s a friendly little fellow with an affectation for being a little bit unorthodox in his approach, but ultimately, he really is quite sweet.

The brand’s color palette is largely pastel with muted greys. There isn’t anything sharp or harsh about it; rather, when coupled with the subject matter, might be fit in the “pastel goth” aesthetic.

Mrs. and Mr. Eaves from Emigre are used frequently through the Noisy Ghost Co. website and marketing materials for its squat x-height and friendly features. It offers both legibility and a simple elegance.

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