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Truffles & Bedlam

Truffles & Bedlam: Pastel Goth Brand Design by Noisy Ghost Co.
about the brand design

pastel goth and creepy cute

The Truffles & Bedlam brand embraces a creepy cute aesthetic with pastel goth colours, and indulges in the obscure, odd, and surprising. A maker of magnetic handmade bookmarks, stickers, and papercraft art inspired by fandom and pop culture, the brand design embraces a willingness to play while maintaining a tongue-in-cheek a sense of humour.

Whimsical, spooky, and cute, Truffles & Bedlam produces paper-based fandom merch. The brand design extends to its website and etsy, product packaging, and social media. 


All products in the range incorporate a similar aesthetic and colour palette to achieve brand cohesion, whether the artwork is character-based or bookish in nature.

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