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Villainess Soaps

About the Product Line

an expansive bath & body collection

The Villainess Soaps line of products is expansive. After working together for ten years, Brooke Stant and I have amassed a collection of designs that demonstrate an expansive catalog of products, limited editions, wholesale products, and special commissions for third-party resellers. No two product labels are exactly alike. Inspired by a vintage collection of Victorian shopping catalogs, the aesthetic makes use of grainy typeset typography, luscious leather patterns, and period-specific illustrations scanned directly from vintage catalogs.

The Villainess Soaps product line is enormous with variations on scents and product types, limited editions, wholesale editions, and various special products created for third-party resellers. The entire catalog numbers over three hundred products. Each label is unique, as the typography and iconography are sized with irregularities across all items.

As part of the redesign effort, we began by designing the Villainess Soaps logo to be applied to letterhead, envelope seals, business cards, notepads, coffee mugs, tradeshow banners, shot glasses, perfume boxes, and hang tags, among other items. Villainess Soaps received a complete identity package: a total overhaul of their existing materials to ensure consistency.

In addition to general catalogue items, including body scrubs, moisturizers, perfumes, candles, soap, and perfume, we also co-branded a “Black Label” limited edition series, a limited run of product label designs for the “Supervillainess” anniversary editions, and a joint venture with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for several of their soaps and a body scrub as well.

Product Packaging Design Samples

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